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Case study. Moldova 1, Mesager, 28 August, 21.00
In covering the first sitting of the newly elected Parliament, Moldova 1 harmed the citizens’ right to fair and equidistant information about the public affairs.
Case Study. Moldova 1, Mesager, 22 August, 21.00
The analyzed TV report on the plenary reunion of the PCRM’s top leadership of 22 August is marked by multiple deviations from the professional norms, especially stipulated in the Code of Principles, Standards and Recommendations of the Producers of the Public Company “Teleradio-Moldova”, approved through the Observers Council decision no. 1/35(3) of 07.11.2007.
Case Study. NIT, Curier, 14 and 17 August, 21.30
During the electoral race for the early parliamentary elections of 29 July 2009, the Moldovan TV channel NIT displayed a predilection to write stories about conflicts, on the basis of a single information source.
Case Study. EuTV, Monitor, 11 August, 21.00
The news story, dedicated to the decision of the Constitutional Court to accept to consider the PPCD’s notification through which this political party demanded to recount the votes of the July 29 elections, unveils the passionate and unilateral approach of the topic.
Case Study. Moldova 1, Mesager, 8 August, 21.00
The analyzed TV material, although being about the statement of the constitution of the ruling coalition the Alliance for European Integration (AIE), signed on 8 August by the PLDM, PL, PDM and AMN, actually offers the viewers superficial and chaotic information, in places presented by the author in a fragmented and selective-subjective manner.
Case Study, NIT, Obiectiv, 6 August, 21.30
The analyzed TV material envisages the transparency of the political negotiations aimed at creating a ruling coalition, conducted by the PLDM, PL, PDM and AMN – parties that got seats in parliament after the July 29 poll.
Case study. N4, Obiectiv, 27 July, 19.30
Today’s Videomonitor considers a news story broadcast in the newscast Obiectiv of 27 July, 19.30, on the TV station N4.
Case Study. N4, Obiectiv, 17 July, 19.30; NIT, Curier, 21 July, 21.30
Today’s Videomonitor deals with two electoral materials: one was broadcast in the newscast Obiectiv of N4, the other one – in the newscast Curier of the TV station NIT.
Case Study. NIT, Curier, 13 July, 21.30
 This Videomonitor analyzes the electoral news story broadcast in the newscast Curier of 13 July on NIT, and reports on the decision of the Central Election Commission (CEC) to ban running an advertising clip by the PCRM. According to the analyzed news story, the Democratic Party from Moldova notified the Central Election Commission to consider the timeliness of running an electoral clip by the PCRM. Its protagonist and its direct target turned to be Marian Lupu. That clip resumed, in
Case Study. Moldova 1, Mesager, 11 July, 21.00
On July 10 , 2009, the Council of Europe (CoE) posted, on its site, a press communiqué, in which Terry Davis, the Secretary General of this European institution, expressed his attitude as to the statements broadcast by Moldova 1
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